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Sorry, in the scope of things and after attitudes have changed this just doesn’t get much trickle-down time.  I leave it up for historical purposes and perhaps may come and produce more content some day.  For now, it’s just sitting here doing nothing.

This also means that since I don’t have the time to do much with it, comments, etc. just sit out in the ether awaiting approval (moderation put on after a bunch of cop club folks thought they could use this as a platform… well, in my world, I get to shut *you* up so “respect my authoritay!”)


When I used to meet people who presented themselves as superior, I would often defer to them. I allowed myself to think that such individuals were confident because they were different than others.  I was right that such people are different.  They are different because they are deeply wounded.

When a child is abused or experiences some kind of a trauma his mind attempts to determine a method to help him forget his wounds and prevent this abuse from happening again.  As a method of defense, narcissism is developed.

When this person feels he is weak and vulnerable, out if insecurity he escapes to a new identity. The identity of a superior person who can not be harmed. This is the story of most narcissists; a solid shell that masks a deep sense of inferiority.

Why does the narcissist want to be feared? Why does he want to be ultimately strong? Why does he want to have tremendous achievements?   He wants these because he is afraid, because he feels weak, and because he feels that he is worthless.

Narcissism is game of compensation as the narcissists strive to get what they feel they lack. If one is after a feeling of power, is is because they feel weak; if they are after excessive admiration, is is because they are feel worthless.

See them for what they are.  Just a wounded, sad, soul.  How you respond to them is your own choice though.

L.E. vs the 2nd Amendment

In the article titled “Law Enforcement vs. the Second Amendment” at Townhall, they featured the following from a “Federal LEO”…

“I’m offended by your misleading ads on gun control rights. We need to pass the assault weapon law restricting the ownership and use. I’m a federal Law Enforcement officer who has been on both side of this contentious issue. I do not want to face criminals who out gun me. Your tactics are doing just that. Everyone killed by an assault rifle in the US should sue you for your political stand. You advocate a very dangerous position that does not serve the interest of public safety. Also, The second amendment does NOT give you the right to bear arms. That is given to US citizens in case law supporting the second amendment. The Second AMENDMENT gives you the right to bear arms in order to form a militia only. Once again you mislead the american public. This country will never repair it’s problems unless we can come together, find common ground. The Brady Bill was just that. Common ground. You need to find it in your heart what is best for this great country, not you own personal self interest.”

What’s best for this great country, not for someone’s personal self interest after saying he’s afraid of facing criminals who out gun him and that the interest of “public safety” (codeword for pigs) isn’t being served?  Well, this is all Bovine Splatter (BS, for those not familiar with agricultural terms), and pure regurgitation of the Party Propaganda.

I get sick of people who say “oh, Law Enforcement will never cooperate with the disarming of the American public.”  More Bovine Splatter.  These people are power drunk.  They are like the regular ol’ coworker that suddenly gets promoted, flips a switch, and then suddenly starts becoming a tool to all those who he once considered himself no better than.  Perceived power derived from nothing, and a simple questioning of this false authority results in punitive actions.

Yes, the porcine pukes will come for the guns of average citizens and are doing it already by villianizing key sections of the population.   If you aren’t aware that it is happening, ask people who live in housing projects, are in motorcycle clubs, or who are being subjected to the recent CA confiscation raids.  It is happening now.

Well armed tyrants

Outgunned my ass!


Fear the real terrorists

In 2011 the National Safety Council determined that you were 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist.  I imagine with the increased militarization of local police and increasing “us vs them” mentality on their part, this statistic might be a little outdated though.  It seems like they are so eager to put someone down in the name of “officer safety” (disregard all the citizens huddling in their homes as they “neutralize the threat” with a hail of bullets.)  So, as you all fear “terrorists” scheming in far off lands, pay no mind to the fact that your tax dollars are funding a power hungry ever expanding threat right here at home that is constantly training to kill you.SWAT-team


There is a weakness that resides in each man. Some are better at overcoming or hiding it. Some of them, to expose their weakness all you need to do is give them what they perceive as power.

This internal weakness is then exercised through an abuse of the power they feel they now possess. The more they exercise it, the weaker they become, and the more they fear. This leads to a greater desire for even more power and the cycle continues on and on, cascading into self destruction.

What is perceived as power can come from many areas. Sometimes it is a simple authority over others. For some men its simply the role of father. For others, it’s the manager tag at a fast food joint, it can be a badge if one is so inclined, and in some cases it can be the patch of a motorcycle club with a misunderstood image of what it represents.

I’ve seen so much wrong inflicted by mean spirited jerks who get a sense of power. Sometimes the best solution is just a flat out “attitude adjustment” which will humble a man. But, for some (for example those with badges) they are protected and insulated from any sort of corrective action.

You can see this weakness in some men and you can sense their fear. Stay away from these types. Do not trust them, do not honor them, and definitely do not grant them any power over you. Most of all, do not become one of them.

To be a man…

“Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of himself without police protection is both. It is as cowardly to betray an offender to justice, even though his offences be against yourself, as it is not to avenge an injury by violence. It is dastardly and contemptible in a wounded man to betray the name of his assailant, because if he recovers, he must naturally expect to take vengeance himself.”


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