Fake motorcycle club cuts

Six Six Sixers Out of curiosity, I decided to peruse the logs for my little blog here.  I don’t really get a lot of traffic, which is fine.  I don’t advertise or do anything that would benefit from traffic as that isn’t really the purpose of this.  This blog is just a little semi-creative outlet I keep around for venting and other sundry reasons.

When checking the logs, I started see that most of my traffic is driven here by search engines searching for various terms.  I get the random “Sons of Anarchy” mis-hit, and other various motorcycle related items.   Kind of interesting as I don’t really think this is a “motorcycle” blog per se, although motorcycle riding is a very big part of my life as it has been handed down over several generations.  Get to the point you say?

Well, the most overwhelming search term that brings folks to this site is the search phrase “fake motorcycle club cuts”.  Sure enough, when searching for this, the first Google entry is my little ol’ blog here.

What this does tell me though is that there are a number of folks out there wanting to play “patch holder” and run around on their motorcycles (or even without a motorcycle) wearing something that will make them look someone they are not.

I can’t blame them for wanting to be a patch holder, for wanting to belong to something bigger than themselves.

There is something about wearing that patch that changes the reality of my world.   When I wear that patch, I seem to feel free from the everyday mundane that I am forced to deal with to keep a roof on my head, the ol’ lady and kids fed, and keep the accounts out of the red.

When I cruise wearing that patch I feel like I’m the subject of a Dave Mann painting.   No matter what the task might be that has me on the bike, sporting that patch on my back while going about it allows me to project the biker traits that might otherwise be repressed at other times.  I feel like I am just oozing an image of  freedom, power, and adventure.

Del FuegosIt doesn’t matter whether I am standing in line at the post office, riding down the street to the store, or filtering forward at a busy intersection;  that patch pulls all eyes to it and I am well aware that I am being closely watched by others.  But, there is where the it all ends for those who would wear a fake motorcycle club patch.

When I wear that patch that I earned,  I am also aware and always conscious of the fact that I am accountable to my club, and potentially other clubs, for my behavior.   It also serves as an identifier that can say “this his how a patch holder behaves”.  If I mess up, I deserve to have the privilege of having that patch revoked, and not just by others with the same patch on their back.  It is a reality that I chose to accept for the privilege of wearing that patch.

So, this brings up the question?  If you wear a fake motorcycle club patch on your back, who are you accountable to?   When you mess up, who do the other patch holders talk to to ensure that you are educated in the manner that you are expected to behave?  Chances are you will need to be directly counseled so remain calm, and remain respectful when this inevitably occurs, because all you bought was the patch, not the education that goes with a real one.

This is also what pork clubs fail to realize when they flip their fat sugar-glazed finger at the self-governing bodies that exist among clubs.  But that’s a whole ‘nother story and not worth the typing as it has been rehashed over and over again on many biker related sites.

Untamed DeadSo, if you are out there searching the Internet for a fake motorcycle club cut, save yourself some tense moments and don’t do it.  Or if you do, be prepared for an educational encounter that you’ll never forget.  But ask yourself… even though you might get a little bit of a rush while wearing the fake cut and the clueless look upon you in awe, in your mind won’t you also be feeling like a total douchebag at the same time?  Not to mention the constant fear of watching out for real clubs.

If you really want to sport a patch and are willing to undertake the journey, find out who your local clubs are and start supporting their events and get to know some.  If you were meant to wear a patch, it will happen.  If you can’t make the commitment needed to be in a traditional motorcycle club, go seek out your local HOG chapter or a riding club with similar interests.   You’ll still get the group riding experience and there is no shame in it as long as you are not acting like something you are not.

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Erudite Hillbilly is a nom de guerre of a rantin', ravin', mis-behavin' Harley ridin', mountain dwelling polymath that's just got a bit too much schoolin' for his own good

8 responses to “Fake motorcycle club cuts”

  1. twotiretirade says :

    Excellent write up. I found your blog b/c it linked under Motorcycle on WordPress. For me it comes down to, “why would someone try to be something they are not”? If you really don’t like who you are then do what you can do to change to become what you want to be. Im a Father, Vet and love motorcycles…..If I dont like that then I better get off my fat butt and do some other things so I can add items to the list. Fortunately I am pretty happy with my life.

    Anyway, i really enjoyed reading the post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. tunah says :

    well said, i am a patch holder, and i was looking for a new vest, and came across this, i now know the commitment it takes to wear a patch. you will save your self alot of grief if you just go and join an RC

  3. scott says :

    Well stated. But are you implying the untamed dead are not a club by showing that pic? Because it is a club. I’m not sure about the new way of gaining members,, but I ride with some UD’s and they are a club. More of a RC but still,, a legit group.
    anyway,, i agree with you about guys putting rockers around a store bought patch,, and those r guys that have to try to prove something too,, by acting stupid and making asses of themselves.

    • Erudite Hillbilly says :

      Ok, I looked into Untamed Dead. The patch sets are still available on eBay. On their Facebook someone notified them their cuts are for sale there and it was stated “that is how you join.” Dug a little deeper and found the following statement on their site:

      “To become a member one must purchase a club colors for coat or jean vest. Any purchase will entitle you to full membership in the club and all membership entitlements.”

  4. Mike says :

    I stumbled on this site trying to do research for a project if possible I would like to ask a few questions

  5. OC VAGO says :

    “stupid is as stupid does”- Forest Gump

    • hardway says :

      though i have acquaintances in many mc’s,..am not a patch holder myself of any mc, if i were to wear rockers/patches that are 0%diamond, and independent free rider would this as well create tense moments with all the good bros of mc’s ??

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