Coming home on a long drive yesterday, my son and I were talking about social behavior. I had jokingly said in the past that I was anti-social, or a “social rattlesnake” when my daughter claimed to be a social butterfly.

I had thought about it and had come to the conclusion, that I am not really anti-social, I just choose wisely the friends I have, and have a high standard of who I am social with. I like down to earth people, who are often referred to as “salt of the earth” or “down home”. While I travel in many circles that also bring me in contact with folks educated in “all the best schools”, the most intellectually stimulating conversations are with these “down home” people who have received a “real world” education and have come upon their opinions based on their own careful and thought out conclusions; not just parroting something some professor has placed in their head. So, I don’t think I’m missing out on anything by being guarded in my relationships.

So, I now realize that there is no shame in this behavior that many could perceive as anti-social. Especially since social now means “public drinking, and talking to anyone who will listen”. This was re-inforced in my mind this first morning after the aforementioned conversation when I was looking for a familiar quote from George Washington and I came across the following quote: “Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence.” Thanks George!


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Erudite Hillbilly is a nom de guerre of a rantin', ravin', mis-behavin' Harley ridin', mountain dwelling polymath that's just got a bit too much schoolin' for his own good

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