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Rollins Band – Just Like You

This CD was my favorite during a tough spot in the early 90’s before I moved into the realm of responsibility of respect. I just happened to be thinking about back then and one of the songs came to mind so I went on a little YouTube trip.

Wow, it’s amazing how listening to the music brings the feelings flooding back. I guess that’s what “flashbacks” are. “Rage”… no kidding! The feelings are not something I miss and I thank the Lord for seeing me through that time.

Here’s the lyrics:

I am the man from a human choke hold
I am the product of your restraint
I watched the years pass by me
Never once did I complain
Never once did I say no
Now I watch myself explode
My body is scarred by age
Now you get to taste my rage

From the wreckage of humiliation
I got my self respect
I pulled myself together
What the hell did you expect
You should see the pain I go through
When I see myself I see you
Everything that you did I do
When I see myself I see you

I’m just like you
My flesh isn’t my flesh
My blood isn’t my blood