Another Time, Another Place

A Decade of Steely DanIt’s always weird how music can take you to another time and another place.

I was strolling through the iPod and saw A Decade of Steely Dan in my album listing and thought I’d give it a listen.

Shortly after kicking it off, I was just flooded with a number of memories that took me back to Boise, Idaho in the very early 80’s.

My mom worked in a bar and I remembered hanging out at times, even though I’m sure this was a violation of numerous laws.  The place was I guess by today’s standards a real rough and tumble place.  A favorite it seemed of bikers, urban cowboys, and what-not.  They did have a regular band that played there that always stuck with me called “Winewood”.

Anyway, I remember going in on Saturday and Sunday mornings to help “clean up”.  My part of the clean up consisted of heading off underneath all the tables to report later to my mom and her co-workers my finds.   I got to keep the change and the adults would take the joints and pills recovered.  They’d eagerly identify “cross tops”, “black beauties”, etc.

I don’t know why this particular album kicks off these memories, but for some reason it just always does.  The “city” was new to me, and seemed so complex, and perhaps the complexity and worldliness of Steely Dan just cemented it into this particular time of memories over other possible musical selections of that time (after all, I remember spinning “Beth” from Kiss Live II more than any other song at that time.)

I just remembered why we even moved to Boise though… it was so my mom could be close to the Idaho State Penitentiary where my step-dad had just been sentenced to life.  Now that’s a whole ‘nother story.  I think I have an idea for a whole ‘nother post now.


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