I’ve changed my little “tagline” to include a reference to how some of this blogging is kind of cathartic.  Here is the definition of catharsis if you weren’t aware and didn’t fill like a little Googleing:

Catharsis – The process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.

I’m really digging the new WordPress site, and actually feel a little liberated by the whole environment.  I’ve also cleared out some of the garbage I had floating around on the old site that was imported.  In addition, I’ve actually found that enjoyment of “writing” and have all these things I want to get out of me into text when I have the time.

Do I know if anyone is even going to read it, or care.  Really I don’t know, and I could say I really don’t care, but in a way I hope something brings a smile, a nod, or even just an “I know what you mean”.  The reason I hold out hope is so in the back of my mind I feel there is an “audience” out there to assist with this cathartic release.

You see, I’ve been holding a bunch of stuff inside a lot of years and I know it’s really screwed me up.  By having a place to anonymously dump some of these feelings, I think it will be healthy.  Be forewarned though, some of this crap will be ugly, outlandish, and (insert whatever adjectives) here.  This isn’t for shock value, to invoke pity, or to even put forward some image.  It’s totally to just “dump” what I have inside.


About Erudite Hillbilly

Erudite Hillbilly is a nom de guerre of a rantin', ravin', mis-behavin' Harley ridin', mountain dwelling polymath that's just got a bit too much schoolin' for his own good

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