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In Wikipedia, a trustworthy person is defined as followed:

A trustworthy person is someone that you can tell your worries and secrets to and know they won’t repeat them without your permission. In general, in order for trust to be earned, worth and integrity must be proven over time.

I find that a pretty good summation of  a trustworthy person.   Although, I was thinking along the lines of reliability also, but really think that is part of the demonstration of worth and integrity.

I don’t ever remember being told “be trustworthy”.  I remember being told not to be a “lop”, “lamer”, “rat”, etc.  I was also taught that respect was almost like a commodity, although it wasn’t really put that way.  Basically, it was bestowed to me that if you give someone respect and they were a “solid” dude, you would get their respect in return.  I remember being taught that if you said you were going to do something, you did it.   I was also taught you don’t burn people, and people shouldn’t burn you.  But, I was also taught you never *ever* shared someone else’s private or personal business, especially someone you are tight with.

Unfortunately, not everyone received this sort of education.  It seems that some people think that information, whether shared with them in confidence, or even in some cases exaggerated or made up, is some sort of commodity.  They feel that this information can be exchanged for respect.  Maybe to some people this gets a faux-respect to let the one with the verbal diarrhea feel more comfortable to keep running their mouth.  But, with each little bit of information shared, they expose themselves as un-trustworthy.

I just can’t get my mind around why people like this betray what has been entrusted to them.  It’s disrespecting to those they are betraying and it is disrespecting  to themselves.   I guess all those talks from rough men I received growing up were really a benefit, no matter how uncomfortable I felt.   Maybe in a way it was to make sure I learned those lessons without having  to be stuck in a cage like they were.  Perhaps some of these lessons even kept me out of a cage.     I imagine at the very least, such lessons allowed me to keep from getting put on my ass for running my mouth about other people’s business.