Don’t know that it really matters that I’ve been absent as far as writing on here.  I often think of things to write and have some drafts I could finish off, but I just haven’t.

I have been loving some of the stuff I reading at The Aging Rebel (http://www.agingrebel.com), as always.  I just can’t recommend that blog enough if you are interested in “biker” culture.

But, at some point when I’m ready I’ll get some more stuff on here.  Just been busy with work, the kids, the wife, the club.  After all that, more time on the keyboard just hasn’t materialized.


About Erudite Hillbilly

Erudite Hillbilly is a nom de guerre of a rantin', ravin', mis-behavin' Harley ridin', mountain dwelling polymath that's just got a bit too much schoolin' for his own good

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