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The value of the prize

A wise philosopher once said: “You give it away like free samples. But, I don’t want what anyone can have!”

Well, at least that’s what Mark Arm said in Mudhoney’s ‘You Got It’.

But, as I was sitting here pondering a quandary this morning the song came to mind. No, I wasn’t thinking about Courtney Love, who the song was written for; I was actually thinking about a recent “major award” I had bestowed upon me.

This was something I worked hard for. Something that I felt should have been a honor, and the path to achieve it was looked upon seriously with high regard. I went down that path, giving it my all with the eye on the prize. What I failed to notice though was in all my seriousness and dedication, I was the only one taking the path with any reverence.

When I stopped and looked around, I discovered that while I climbed the face of the mountain, anybody could have bought a ticket and rode a tram for the summit and got their prize.

After this realization, when I looked upon my prize it no longer held any mystique or value. I didn’t want what anyone could have. So I did what I felt the best thing for me to do was, and I returned the prize. I almost said I gave up the honors, but there is no honor in what is handed out like a party favor.