There is a weakness that resides in each man. Some are better at overcoming or hiding it. Some of them, to expose their weakness all you need to do is give them what they perceive as power.

This internal weakness is then exercised through an abuse of the power they feel they now possess. The more they exercise it, the weaker they become, and the more they fear. This leads to a greater desire for even more power and the cycle continues on and on, cascading into self destruction.

What is perceived as power can come from many areas. Sometimes it is a simple authority over others. For some men its simply the role of father. For others, it’s the manager tag at a fast food joint, it can be a badge if one is so inclined, and in some cases it can be the patch of a motorcycle club with a misunderstood image of what it represents.

I’ve seen so much wrong inflicted by mean spirited jerks who get a sense of power. Sometimes the best solution is just a flat out “attitude adjustment” which will humble a man. But, for some (for example those with badges) they are protected and insulated from any sort of corrective action.

You can see this weakness in some men and you can sense their fear. Stay away from these types. Do not trust them, do not honor them, and definitely do not grant them any power over you. Most of all, do not become one of them.


About Erudite Hillbilly

Erudite Hillbilly is a nom de guerre of a rantin', ravin', mis-behavin' Harley ridin', mountain dwelling polymath that's just got a bit too much schoolin' for his own good

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