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Food stamps

I just learned that a family of four on food stamps gets $68 a month more than we have budgeted for our family of four.  I would like to increase my food budget, but that would mean I’d have to reduce my tax withholding (as we have a zero-based budget each month,) which means that I would have to end up paying taxes in April so people on food stamps can continue to (theoretically) eat better than our two-earner working family does.


Flat out sick of politics

From the post counts for my different categories its obvious that I’ve been pretty political with previously posted items.  Fairly recently though I’ve come to the cynical conclusion that my vote really doesn’t matter.

I’m thoroughly convinced that what we see in the political arena is just a false illusion of choice.  I’m also of the opinion that the whole Left vs. Right fighting is to keep the human cattle fighting among themselves so we don’t look at the farmers.

We are the livestock for the fat cats that are pulling the string.  The same big money makers support both of the “presidential frontrunners” while the folks that the enlightened people choose don’t have a chance against the establishment (go Google Ron Paul.)

Now, instead of caring about politics, I’d rather just hop on the scoot, crank up the tunes, and twist that throttle.  If things get really bad, I’ve got my contingency plans, but until then I know that nothing I can do can push that stone up that hill while all that big power money keeps building the hill higher.

End the Federal Reserve

I just heard that approximately 50% of the US debt is owed to the Federal Reserve. If the Federal Reserve is really acting in the interest of America then it would forgive the debt it owes itself. But, if you dig a little deeper into this you discover the Federal Reserve is owned by private bankers profiting off the US Government who is playing with OUR money. End the Federal Reserve!

The Entitled Class

I have come to the conclusion that the people living off of tax money are all equal in one aspect, whether it be the public employee or the welfare recipient: When people live of off forced collections of the “normal” citizens, they feel entitled.

When the Schumer Hits the Fan – The Circle Jerks

Back when I was young, I never took a liking to the saccharine sweet pop music or the just as useless hair bands of the era. I liked to think of myself as thinking a couple layers deeper than most of my teen counterparts.

This led to the discovery of many punk bands such as the Circle Jerks, Minor Threat, Black Flag, The Vandals, etc., and their social commentary often seen from the “working mans” point of view. I am sad to say that this sort of music’s equivalent now days is just a tool of the socialist movement essentially making it a neutered lapdog to the Left.

But, here’s a blast from the past when punk thought for itself and belonged to no one. It could almost be the theme song for America right now, even though it is from almost three decades ago. Pardon the “French” though… perhaps someone could remake it as “When the Schumer Hits the Fan.” Hey, I got an idea 🙂


in a sluggish economy
hits the land of the free
standing in unemployment lines
blame the government for hard time

we just get by
however we can
we all gotta duck
when the shit hits the fan

10 kids in a cadillac
stand in lines for welfare checks
let’s all leach off the state
gee!the money’s really great!

soup lines
free loaves of bread
5lb blocks of cheese
bags of groceries
social security
has run out on you and me
we do whatever we can
gotta duck when the shit hits the fan